Retractable Awnings for Your Deck and Patio

Designed to make you and your deck so cool, the Joneses will be trying to keep up with you!

If you’d like to get more enjoyment out of your deck or patio, you’ve come to the right place. Star Classic Awnings is proud to be an Authorized SunSetter Retractable Awning Pro Dealer and to also represent Rainier Awnings & Solar Shades.

Our professional team has installed over 500 awnings in the Hampton Roads area and can turn your seasonably hot deck or patio area into an enjoyable retreat. (Did you know that our awnings can reduce the heat on your deck or patio by up to 20 degrees?)

We offer outdoor heat-reducing, oasis-creating products including Window Shades & Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Motorized Awnings, Screen Porch Shades and Free-standing Canopies. Call today for a Free Estimate!

Rainier Retractable Awnings

Live Life Outside

Rainier retractable awnings are custom built to your specifications in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using the highest quality materials, precision manufacturing processes, and highly skilled craftsmen.

Our Retractable Deck and Patio Awnings can be built up to forty feet in length, to provide instant shelter even to large outdoor areas.

And unlike big, bulky umbrellas, they retract at the push of a button, into durable housing that’s designed be virtually unnoticeable when your awning is not in use.

Rainier Standard Features

Custom Designed for Your Home

All our awnings are custom made to fit the precise dimensions for your home. Choose from hundreds of fabric options and four frame colors to create an awning that looks beautiful on your home.

Maintenance Free and Self Storing

All of our awnings are easy to operate, maintenance free, and can be retracted into an its housing when not in use, where it will be protected from the elements.

Intelligent Motor and Remote Control

Just push a button to extend or retract your awning. Think of it as your remote control for the sun!

All Rainier awnings use dependable motors and controls manufactured by Somfy - The world leader in awning motors.

Heavy Gauge Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction

We prevent rust and corrosion by using only aluminum and stainless steel parts.

Your awning is designed and manufactured to look great and perform flawlessly for many years to come.

Made in America

All Rainier shade products are manufactured or assembled in the United States.

Our west coast plant in located in the Seattle metro area and our east coast facility is located in Statesville, NC.

Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation

We use only Sunbrella fabric on all our awnings.

Sunbrella performance fabrics have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation, an international organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer.

Product Specifications

Product Options

Sun Sensor

This wireless sun sensor is powered with an integrated solar cell to automatically lower your awning based on the sun’s intensity.

Its wireless and compact design makes it an easy addition to any awning, and can create a comfortable space for you to enjoy any time.

Drop Valance

A drop valance provides additional protection from the sun. Our drop valance rolls up into the front bar of your awning and can be controlled manually with a hand-crank, or automatically with motorized operation.

Protective Hood

A one-piece, powder-coated, aluminum hood provides added protection from the elements, and a finished look when your awning is retracted. Available in a variety of colors.

Home Automation - TaHomA by Somfy

Motorized awnings powered by Somfy seamlessly integrate with home automation systems so that you can control lighting, HVAC, AV, and security systems with one device.

Control your motorized awning(s) with Somfy’s TaHomA – a Total Home Automation system.

TaHomA allows users to control, schedule, and monitor a variety of products, and efficiently optimizes the interaction of natural and artificial lighting, as well as heating and cooling, according to users’ personal preferences, which saves time, energy and money.

Fabric & Color Options

Awning Frame Powder Coat Colors

Rainier Awnings are available in 4 standard frame colors:
Black, White, Tan, and Bronze

Every awning is built to order with powder coating done in-house, resulting in a beautiful appliance-like finish that requires minimal maintenance.

**Please note:
These are scanned images of real powder coat chips. However, due to variances in monitors, the colors displayed may not be 100% accurate.

Awning Fabric, Patterns, and Colors

Rainier features Sunbrella fabric – the best and longest lasting awning fabric available.
Sunbrella is a 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric that is guaranteed not to fade for 10 years!
With 200 colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home’s color palette.
All Rainier retractable awnings are sewn with long-lasting Tenara(R) thread.

Click the link below to open the Sunbrella Fabric Showroom and see the complete selection of Sunbrella fabrics.

Sunbrella Fabric Showroom

What makes Sunbrella fabric so special?

Superior Sunbrella color pigments are added during the production of fade-resistant Sunbrella fiber.
The final result is Sunbrella yarn and fabric with color throughout that won’t fade or wash away – even with extreme exposure to the sun or cleaning with bleach!
(Imagine a carrot, with color through to the core, that can’t be peeled away.)

In ordinary fabrics, dyes are added to the surface of the yarn or fabric.
The color only penetrates the outer layer and washes out or fades away over time.
(Imagine a radish which is red outside but white in the middle.)

The color in Sunbrella fabrics penetrates all the way to the core, ensuring years of vibrant color and performance.
Cleaning Sunbrella

Although Sunbrella pigments are stable enough to be cleaned with bleach, most stains can be removed with mild soap and water, and a soft bristled brush.