Benefits of Patio Shades

Reduced Glare on Your Big Screen TV

One of the greatest advantages of exterior window screens, is their ability to reduce bright light and glare, without obstructing your view or leaving you in the dark.

When you lower your solar screens, you’ll reduce the annoying glare on TV and computer screens, but still be able to see out your window, and expose the interior of your home to natural light.

Also, because our screen fabric is woven in tight, even patterns, it won’t create distracting shadows over your TV or computer screen the way that blinds can.

And not only do window screens preserve your view of the outdoors, they can actually improve it. By absorbing excess light, window screens can make your view clearer and more vibrant.

Lower Cooling Costs

As we all know, the sun can act as a furnace for your home… without an “OFF” switch.

Trying to stay comfortable in warmer months can drive up air conditioning costs and increase monthly utility bills.

Exterior screens can help stop the sun’s rays from striking your windows, reducing heat transfer and keeping your home cooler.

Then, whenever you’d like to take advantage of the sun’s warmth just raise your screens to help heat your home. Now that’s solar power!

Rainier supported research by the Professional Awning Manufacturer’s Association that found homes with awnings could save as much as 60% on cooling bills, depending on the location. Unfortunately, a study specifically about exterior screens and energy savings hasn’t been conducted yet, BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS: exterior screens are just awnings without arms!

Screens cover windows vertically and awnings cover them horizontally, so the findings from the research done with awnings will still give you a good idea of what kind of energy savings you can achieve with exterior screens.

Protection From The Sun's Harmful UV Rays

It’s a common misconception that window glass will block out damaging UV rays from the sun. This is half true. Standard window glass blocks the majority of UVB rays, the shorter wavelength rays that are mostly responsible for sunburns.

However, windows alone cannot protect you from UVA rays. These are the longer wavelength rays that are primarily responsible for premature skin aging, and can cause cancer.

Window Screens are able to limit the amount of UVA rays that pass through your windows to aid in the prevention of sun damage to skin - (and the best part is – no greasy sunscreen hands!).

Protect Home Furnishings from Fading

Not only can sun be dangerous for your body, it can also be harmful to your home.

Over time, exposure to sunlight can dramatically fade the coloration of furniture, flooring, drapery, etc., and replacing any of these can be very costly.

By blocking damaging UV rays that degrade color pigments, solar screens can help you prevent fading, and extend the life of your home furnishings.

Given the substantial dollar amount you’ve spent to make the interior of your home look beautiful, it’s always great to get the most out of your furnishing investments.

Keep Bugs Outside - Where They Belong

Flies, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, scorpions, nats, noseeums… No problem!

These engineering features ensure that no matter what’s bugging you, our SRS™ screens will stop them:

  • The side rails have no opening for insects or bugs to enter.
  • A brush on the hem bar seals the bottom of the system so that no insects can crawl underneath.
  • The exclusive Screen Clean feature is built into the housing of your screen to brush bugs and debris off the screen mesh – preventing pests from entering your home or nesting in the housing.

Block The Wind

While most other types of screen systems on the market are required to be retracted in light winds (12-18mph).

In fact, most wind sensors for screens max out at 28mph. What this means for you is less maintenance, less worry, and a much smaller chance of your screen being damaged by wind.

This screen system is the perfect way to shield outdoor areas where wind is a problem, without losing the feeling of being outdoors.

Just think of your screen as your remote control for the wind (screen down, wind gone – problem solved!)